Download Here’s Angry Birds Islands APK Simulation game for Android. Join the Angry Birds and Piggies on their adventure on the mysterious island! Angry Birds Islands let you deliver soldiers on raids together with the aim of getting wages that polish your bottom further and will, therefore, allow you to enlarge, teach more powerful soldiers, send them on assignments that are more demanding, and replicate that whole procedure before you get bored and preserving your partners.


Angry Birds Islands 1 Angry Birds Islands 2 Angry Birds Islands 3

If you’re a devotee of such a cell phone games, the period of indifference probably won’t occur any time in the future, as Angry Birds functions a wide array of articles that will keep you occupied for weeks to come, and that’s not sales for important content updates which can be bound to be published by Rovio as time goes on.

Curiously enough, this can be among the Angry Birds games that are uncommon where you aren’t presumed to damage the pigs that are eco-friendly and so are rather motivated to save them because they’ll function as your servants that are faithful that can allow you to enhance and construct your exotic island foundation.

Angry Birds Islands LATEST Features:

  • Make an aisle of your for Piggies and your Birds!
  • It’s possible for you to ride a cart and investigate the 9 nearby isles.
  • Every handcart and each seems wonderful and mysterious in its right— it’ll be loved by you’ll!
  • Gather ore, seafood, timber, mana, as well as additional stuff to be found on the mysterious island and make use of them to make things that are precious!
  • Beat creatures Piggies and your Fowl jeopardise and saving kidnapped Piggies!
  • It’s possible for you to trade things together with friends and family.
  • Collaborate and compete in once!
  • Available in multiple languages.


Download APK (89 MB)

Requirements : 4.1 and up

Version : 1.0.26

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