Download Here’s Baahubali: The Game (Official) APK Strategy game free for Android. Mahishmati wants Senapati, your aid! Teach your military, build your defences, and get together with the other characters of Mahishmati as well as BAAHUBALI, KATTAPPA DEVASENA to push the callous Kalakeya back. Making use of your ground forces as well as they are, defeated by the particular forces of Characters, wage battle from the Kalakeyas in tough conflicts and bring beauty. Perform with friends, make families, and access PvP conflicts with other gamers from all over the world.

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Baahubali: The Game (Official) LATEST Features:

  • Construct an undefeatable FORTRESS using REPTILE TRAPS and the hazardous INCREASE BARRIERS
  • Assemble ARCHER to assist Mahishmati to become a powerful empire
  • Wait for intruders SYSTEMS and SPEAR SYSTEMS to protect your fortress
  • Ruin your enemy military such as the MACHINE with guns that are exceptional
  • RESEARCH and TRAIN your troops using the BARRACKS, the ARMORY and the WAR LIBRARY
  • 10 UNIQUE TROOPS available for battle
  • Smash enemy forts and Rajya using powerful WAR ELEPHANTS and long range CATAPULTS
  • Plunder and capture enemy’s resources with the help of THIEVES
  • CHARACTERS that are strong with forces that are wonderful! Kattappa PADS Baahubali LION IMPACT and STRING MACE may strike against horror in the hearts of the opponents of Mahishmati!
  • Discover your ground forces heals with all the benedictions of the Gods of Mahishmati
  • Acquire conflicts utilizing RALLY and specific CHARMS
  • Combat SINGLE with GAMERS that are additional to end up being the strongest Senapati in Mahishmati!
  • Conflict together with friends and family as well as wage battle against other powerful families for the beauty of Mahishmati
  • Make tribes ASSIGNMENTS from the Kalakeyas that is unkind

Download APK (23 MB)

Requirements : 4.0.3 and up

Version : 1.0.24

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