The megacorporation is residing in a few places on the hamlets being suppressed by the world, getting above their assets, and commanding each and every communication. An opposition that was new has produced and it’s period to eliminate this threat.

Notice the calling in Cover Fire. Establish of mercenaries. Begin the trip to conflict, prelude of the greatest conflict the world has actually observed up to now. Shortly, you are going to comprehend the inspections in Tetracorp goes beyond totalitarianism that is straightforward. The finding of a fresh substance, the component 115, it could determine the destiny of the human race and it Can’t drop in the control that is erroneous.

In Protect Fireplace you’ll be the hero of place an ending for this holocaust that is possible in charge. Direct your group of avengers through towns, areas and unfriendly deserts and get the better of varied type of opponents in the wargame using the image that is largest and armament unfolding on a cell.

The battle that is supreme encounter in Cover Fire. Completely instinctive handles built to produce an entirely immersive sense. Consider purpose protect, media and remove this risk.

As the head of the revolt, you are going to encounter the tough military of the foe corp: physical tests with dense shields…, Implacable elite troops, specific models that are deadly Choose the handle of the scenario, offer with all the struggle as a battle device that is real. Become the story of this uprising.

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  • The fresh encounter full, with comprehensive displays of grapeshot and specks. DESTRUCTIBLE SURROUNDINGS. The gamer is interacted together with by everything.
  • Master handles that provides an immersive SENSE that is EXCEPTIONAL to you. Link right your hand to the trigger. PUSH and TAKE!
  • High Definition images of conflict that is authoritative. Join the opposition in this Protect Fireplace show filled with machine weapons, bullets and enemy armies ready to destroy you. Carry your arms and head this revolution just like a battle hero that is genuine!
  • Go thanks to an immersive and ORIGINAL movie just like an experienced gift that is real. Engross yourself in an energetic and frenetic experience with NONSTOP ACTION. Quit capturing. Cover Fire
  • Encounter the conflict from viewpoints that are different. Switch among your mercenaries in REALTIME, discover the supreme mix to stop this threat.
  • Provide you’re self-hating with a TREMENDOUS actual-records-established ARMAMENT. Feature and loyal mechanisms sound of every firearm. You’ve never noticed something in this way in games.
  • Established up your team making use of their exceptional abilities. Pick varied functions: cyberpunk, sniper, demolition guy… Discover LEGENDARY figures that are fresh. Perhaps you have observed an inflatable old on the battlefield?
  • Consuming storyline controls. Throw yourself readily in the activity. Since a completely fresh experience exceptional in the shooter surroundings. Push on the display, take the trigger!
  • Easy and intuitive style tough confrontation with all the platoon leaders and on the basis of the first Fire comic strip, with over 60 60 assignments. Eliminate the threat of Tetracorp and direct an uprising. Several sections of gameplay with numerous hrs and chances.
  • Update the abilities of each person in your group. Raise their skills, make them quicker, more powerful, more deadly. Provide all of them with equipment and the most effective firearms. Level your group y up make them success.


  1. Download the Cover Fire Android Game from the button below in the download section
  2. Install this Apk (Don’t open the game)
  3. Copy OBB to SDCard>>Android>>OBB
  4. Launch That’s All

Cover Fire APK. Whats New

  • New Chapter 11! Secret Platform!
  • Survive a chase in the middle of the ocean and assault the supply ship on its way to Tetracorp’s secret platform.
  • Fight to the end because they will not let you on board…



Download MOD APK (32MB) Download OBB ( 390MB )

Requirements : 4.1 and up

Version : 1.11.5

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