Download Here’s Custom Bixby Button apk requires a Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Apk for Android and will not work on any other device. Custom Bixby Button works with the April security patch

Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1 Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 2 Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 3

Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) LATEST FEATURES:

  • An improved method to connect to your telephone number.
  • Custom Option makes your phone more useful – in finishing jobs with for instance Yahoo Associate helping, you might be showing your S-8 what it really should be studying.
  • Simply shove on the Custom Option.Custom Bixby Button for S8/S8+ getting things done never been so full with Custom Button.
  • Custom Option techniques and socializes together with your telephone’s programs.
  • Because Custom Switch understands you better, plus, it is possible to speak with Yahoo Associate.

Bind Accessibility Service: This permission is required for the Accessibility Service. This is required to listen when the Bixby application comes to the foreground and to execute some actions. This app will not do anything without an enabled Accessibility Service. Please disable any other Bixby button applications’ Accessibility Services before using Custom Bixby Button.
Do not disturb: This permission is required to change the ringer mode. This is an optional permission and the app will ask for it when required.

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