Download Here’s After the End Forsaken Destiny APK+OBB Full Game for Android. Prepare yourself be wowed in Subsequent To The End: Forsaken Future and to flex your mental muscles. Fix spectacular 3d questions of an ever-increasing problem; find a breathless, historical planet prepared to be discovered; last but not least, solve the mystery behind a father-son pair trip – on similar courses, split by period. Start the Trip and discover what Uses The Finish!

After the End Forsaken Destiny LATEST Features:

  • Fix Powerful Puzzles
    Learn various questions that are intricate that surround you! Change levers that are concealed and push on buttons that are key to make paths that are new.
  • Research Early Lands
    Control a global, waiting to be found. Locate possibilities that are new using the swipe of a hand and help direct each personality through ever-developing panoramas.
  • Find Time-Worn Marvels
    Sail across sun-swept research and landscapes immense damages, much more and darkish temples!
  • Gather Artefacts of the Past
    Historical rock pieces that were collect dispersed along your trip to reconstruct sculptures honouring your forefathers.
  • Encounter the similar journeys of child and a dad, independent but connected. Notice if they’ll actually be re-connected ultimately.

After the End Forsaken Destiny APK Whats New:

  • Discover Timeworn Marvels
    Traverse across sun-swept landscapes and explore massive ruins, dark temples and more!
  • Collect Relics of the Past
    Gather ancient stone fragments scattered along your journey to rebuild statues honoring your ancestors.
  • Embark on a Mysterious Journey
    Experience the parallel journeys of a father and son, separate but intertwined. See whether they will ever be reconnected in the end.

Download APK+OBB (240 MB)

Requirements : 4.4 and up

Version : 1.3.0

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