Download Here’s Fate of War – FOW APK strategy game for Android. The gods came, the fate of the war triggered at any moment! You should remember that only the strong can survive in this world and be stopping war with war is the only choice… It’s not easy to stand out from all the powerful enemies. Therefore, besides talent and strategies, experience and skills are equally important.

This is an RTS+SLG real-time strategy war game based on the background of the myth of Northern Europe, with the same server globally in a brand new concept. There are various methods, including cultivation, collection and interaction, and strategies, for you to build the majestic city, collect powerful heroes, organize valiant armies, and adopt different strategies and methods to compete and create miracles together with the global players in the game!

Fate of War – FOW 1 Fate of War – FOW 2 Fate of War – FOW 3


  1. Real-time confrontation globally, with ten thousands of players battling everywhere in the same screen
    The combat system in the same screen, with magnificent scenes and gorgeous special effects
    Start the fully and delightfully confrontation any time with players all around the world
  2. Build and customize your own medieval castles
    The cities can be constructed to enhance your power.
    The beautiful cities, variable weather and culturally architectural design have reproduced the style of the myth of Northern Europe.
  3. With the combined strategies of hundreds of heroes, you can deploy forces as you will
    Appoint the heroes such as Odin, Thor and Loki to lead your army in the battle.
    The collocation and allocation of different soldiers and over 200 kinds of skill combinations test the tactical depth of a player.
  4. Explore and conquer the unknown realms and plunder resources
    There is no permanent territory, but unceasing scrambles.
    With the innovative map system, the terrain is no longer a decoration but the core for battling between players.
  5. Free interaction to organize powerful alliance
    Help each other to realize cooperative combat and contribute to the legionary.
    Build a strong alliance with the like-minded friends from the whole world.


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Requirements : 4.3 and up

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