Download Here’s Help Me Jack Save the Dogs APK Full Game for Android. This game baits around the atomic mishap which occur in the laboratory. Many people are working in the blast and you’re caught in there.someone saves you as well as your experience per the names, you’re the port and you must do is Conserve The Puppies in the bad and discover the reason for this atomic mishap.

Destroy the creatures in this online RPG adorable looking 4 types of characters and game with RPG elements. Among the hero is the researcher that you simply must perform using a tesla weapon.

Nicely it seems it’s something fresh although small strange. On-line attributes like PVP leaderboard as well as your personal group. A large number of updates and things that may be arriving towards your 100s of degree perform. There’s every conflict costs to power and an energy club. Electricity can be filled by you with Stone or await the moment to regenerate the electricity.

Help Me Jack Save the Dogs LATEST FEATURES:

  • History
  • Atomic accident into creatures and endangers the mankind!
  • Animals have mutated with unknown trigger has desolated Planet.
  • Object
  • Destroy creatures that are mutated, update the laboratory to clean the World, and saving hostages!
  • Assignment Beginning
  • Leader Port must save the scientists who penalise the power behind the atomic mishap, clean the World, and are able to determine the trigger!

Download APK (55 MB) Download OBB (218 MB)

Requirements : 4.1 and up

Version : 1.0.10

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