Download Here’s Keybee Keyboard APK Productivity APP Apk for Android. The fastest, the most accurate and the most comfortable touchscreen keyboard in the World.

Why Keybee

The success of qwerty was so huge that the same layout is still used today as an input device on a computer keyboard.

In 2007 the mobile world became touch friendly. Smartphones and tablets became our daily pocket computer and the touchscreen was introduced to use the phone with one hand.

But typing on a physical keyboard and on a touchscreen is not the same: they use a different number of fingers to type and different gestures like swipe. So sharing the same qwerty layout is not efficient.


Keybee Keyboard 1 Keybee Keyboard 2 Keybee Keyboard 3


What qwerty brings on the touchscreen:
1 – limited key size and useless space between keys
2 – no swipe-friendly: slow typing because of the floating between the borders
3 – no ergonomics and unnatural typing: we are forced to type with two hands or switch the phone to landscape

To fix this problem the keyboard should be adapted to the device. This is the reason of Keybee.

What Keybee brings on a touchscreen:
1 – hexagonal structure: the most space efficient structure in Nature which improves the key size in the same device area up to 50% and saves background area on bigger screens.
2 – more connections between letters and letter pairs: improve the typing speed up to 50% and swipe-friendly
3 – ergonomics: typing in a natural way with one finger starting from the centre of the screen that means no need two hands for typing.

Download APK (8 MB)

Requirements : Varies with device

Version : Varies with device

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