Download Here’s Lightseekers APK+OBB Full Game for Android. It’s an action-RPG you could connect to the dark and different intelligent motion numbers – cards that are empowered just take your play to another degree and to get new capabilities. All these are needed to play the game, even though it is improved by them a lot and are marketed individually.

It’s possible for you to level your character up with fresh skills and different tools and possess the possibility of gathering companies and animals that can fight alongside you. It is possible to super-charge your arms using the important forces of uncommon Lightstones to boost your odds of getting the better of your opponents. So when you advance through the game, you will find constantly opponents to conflict fresh countries to explore, and equipment to get.

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The Lightseekers, turn into a story and conserve Tantos in the penetrating Umbreon!
Research wonderful and wonderful properties, meet with colourful figures, conflict dreaded mission and creatures to discover the world earlier that was cryptic.

Develop your forces through fresh skills and legendary equipment. Gather animals & companies that battle alongside you. Super-charge your arms using the important forces of Lightstones that are uncommon and end up being the Lightseeker that is strongest actually! As your grows, so can the world around you. Fresh countries to explore, tasks to confront, opponents to strong and beat tools to provide are added regularly centred on which we are, told by the neighbourhood, you need.


Include elective intelligent action numbers, compatible guns, movement restricted trip bunches and augmented-reality trading cards (sold individually) to just take your play to another level! Numbers and the sport may each be appreciated on their very own, but collectively they produce next degree linked perform. Get Lightseekers on your android today!

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Requirements : 4.3 and up

Version : 1.6.0

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