Download Here’s Hungry Shark VR APK Full Action game for Daydream VR Android. Then being a true shark beneath the water, what is more immersive?? Being a Starving that is very! Eat your way via enormous surroundings that are underwater, whole assignments that are dangerous and free your finned friends that are other! The Hungry Shark collection that was well-known only got re-invented only for Fantasy. This video action game takes full benefit of the system by providing complete flexibility of motion in hunting and 360-degree underwater quest.

As the shark, you play in Starving Shark. That is correct, you are the man that is good here and you must battle with horrible individual divers and these frightening jellyfish. You will find there are only three distinct assignment types like rushing, ingesting just as much as possible, and saving your shark buddies, plus they all happen in the 360-degree enormous submerged environment where you are free to search, research, and to go.


Hungry Shark VR APK Hungry Shark VR MOD APK Hungry Shark VR Free Android

Hungry Shark VR LATEST Features:

  • Research an enormous underwater contest, consume or recovery quest, your abilities may be put to the test that is best!
  • be it surroundings from caverns to even shipwrecks and damages
  • Swim fluff discover and shark the others such as the White that is legendary!
  • Focus On the favourable with all the sharks, as a shark, to get a fascinating and complete adventure!
  • Various enemies await from stinging jellyfish to hostile divers!
  • Unleashing your inner shark is easy with smooth and accurate controls!
  • Only on Daydream

Download APK (94 MB)

Requirements : 4.4 and up

Version : 1.0

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