Download Here’s Shurado APK Action latest game for Android. Shurado is a game that involves heavy slashing and players can enjoy battling against strong opponents using weapon characteristics and reading of enemy plays.

Multiple death battles displayed with beautiful graphics.
This is the story of how an indomitable soul fights his way through the fallen hell known as Shurado and .
He managed to get up a number of times where he attempted to climb the stairway to Shurado.

Shurado 1 Shurado 2 Shurado 3


  •  [New Feature] The Box now shows drop rate.
  • [New Feature] Tells you the level where spirit frags were last dropped.
  • Added display of required LV to equip for each weapon at Weapon Status.
  • Added a “New” icon for the item revealed for the first time in catalog.
  • Fixed the bugs.


  • Enjoy intuitive operations and tactical bargains
  • Tap on the right half of the screen to attack.
  • Tap on the left half of the screen to defend.
  • Activate sword skills incorporated in weapon by tapping two points on the screen.
  • You can obtain new weapons by opening chests.
  • Collect spiritual fragments to strengthen weapons and win against death battles with formidable enemies.
  • More than 80 types of weapons available currently with more to come!
  • (Shurado is playable without any payment until the end, but there are some In-App purchases.)
[System Required] Android7.0 or more
(There are some non-compatible models.)

Download APK (30 MB)

Requirements : 7.0 and up

Version : 1.0.1

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